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Learn To Say No !

Learn to say No.

  1. We all think of our selves as nice people. We always say Yes to people.
  2. We know that being nice is right and proper. But is there a Limit?
  3. Sometimes Nicety can hurt because we say Yes even when we don’t want to. 
  4. Who ends up Crying ? We DO. 
  5. Despite we grow-up being accommodating and make other people happy, there is such thing as “ Healthy Selfish Behaviour “.
  6. We have the right to say No and feel good about it. 
  7. We attend our own feelings and needs, we will have a lot more willingness to say YES at other time when it really matters. 


How to say NO.

Do Not be Evasive ( mengelak )

1. Being evasive is not good for You and Them.

2. If we hesitating ( you want to say No but you want to look nice ), it will make people try harder to make you say Yes.

Use Body Language.

  1. If you hesitate, your body will show it.
  2. Even if you really want to say NO, he thinks you want to say Yes.
  3. Maintain direct eye contact, stand tall, speak clearly.


Stay calm and determined.

  1. Don’t be rude.


No is sometimes better than Yes.

  1. To some people, Yes is a way out only.
  2. Must communicate effectively


Equalise Not Pulverise ( Mengalahkan dengan Teruk )

  1. Being assertive ( tegas ) does not mean being aggressive.
  2. To learn to say No does not mean you must say No at all time but so that you can say NO when the need arises.


Don’t Feel Bad

  1. .Say it with Complete Self-Assurance. ( Keyakinan )


3-R of Saying NO

  1. REPHRASE .. your NO over and over again if the other person does not want to accept it in the first time. You must be Firm and Persistent. ( tidak berganjak, tetap )
  2. REFUSE to be intimidated by wrong persuasive strategies. These may include putting your guilty as a reason or using external pressure to get you say Yes.
  3. REALLY be Happy about sayingNO, or you will confuse the other people. You must be comfortable with saying NO in the first place in order for you  TO SAY IT EFFECTIVELY.
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