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Delegate !


Question : Is it better that we do everything our selves?

Answer : Delegating work is crucial to any Leader’s success.

Before we should delegate, we must :

  1. Be Specific
  1. Say exactly what we want. What we expect.
  2. Simple way is – write on paper and read it.
  3. Add as necessary
  4. We must be able to tell ourself first what we really want before we can delegate to other people.


  1. Document the Tasks


  1. Best way is to give instruction of delegation in writing
  2. If say verbally, human memory is always subjected to “ Selective Reasoning “ , that is a human being will erase from his memory parts of the instruction he prefers not to know or not to do. He will only remember the parts he likes to do and forget the parts he does not like.
  3. If instruction should be given verbally, make sure he writes and repeat it to you for mutual understanding of the instruction.


  1. Get Help, Not Labour.


  1. All people take their ideas as “ Their  Own Ideas or treasure “ and protect the idea as the idea belongs to them. Nobody likes his boss take credit for his bright idea.
  2. Your staff will feel inferior to you because you are his boss or superior.
  3. Make him feel the idea is “ HIS/HERS “
  4. Make a few suggestions that can “ lead to Great Idea “
  5. If your staff is smart, he will get the Great Idea from all your suggestions.
  6. He will say “ I have a good idea “. Then you say “ Good job, it is a great idea “ .
  7. For sure he will perform well and get that idea working.


  1. Follow-Up


  1. Worst Mistake is “ After delegating, you don’t follow-up”
  2. We all have problem with Memory, Focus and Urgency.
  3. Always follow-up but be smart in following-up.


  1. Allow for Improvision  ( Menggubah )


  1. We all have our own way of doing things
  2. Not everyone has to do our way
  3. If your staff comes to you doing his way, don’t be angry.
  4. Ask him first why he wants to do that way.
  5. Maybe there is a  very good reason that we don’t know.
  6. Maybe by doing his way, he will get better and the end result is also better.


  1. Do not do it yourself again.


  1. You may be worry whether your staff has completed the work or not
  2. You then spend time doing the job. The same job you delegate to your staff.
  3. If he knows that you also do that job, he will feel that you don’t trust him anymore. He will be demoralized.


3-R for Delegating

  1. REDEFINE the description of the work on paper until it appears as you want it. Only then you should delegate.
  2. RECORD  your discussion with your staff and get him do the same ( write down ). Then let him repeat to you what has been discussed to ensure he understands what you want.
  3. REFRAIN from panicking and doing the job yourself again if you suspect your staff may not be able to do. Give him the benefit of doubt and follow-up on the work frequently and smartly .
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