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Power !


  1. There will be some resentment ( penentangan ) especially from your older staffs.
  2. Power if used with care, can help you advance much more.
  3. You want people to do what you want by making them WANT TO DO IT

You should :

Be Likeable ( disukai)

  1. It is hard to give your staff everything he wants.
  2. But you can give him the feeling that he is important.
  3. He will like you as his superior.


Avoid making Enemies.

  1. We may have enemy above us ( our boss ) or below us ( our staff ).
  2. Enemies are Not Made but Cultivated ( dipupuk/disemai )
  3. Especially your boss or your equal level office mate, do not offend them by telling them that they are wrong right in the face ( too direct lah )
  4. Be more diplomatic by bringing them around to understand your point of view.


Keep Your Power a Secret.

  1. If your staff request something, don’t always say “ Yes “ all the time even if the answer is “ Yes “ and you can fulfill his request. Maintain that respect of him towards you.
  2. Secretly get his request approved or done and he will respect you more.
  3. Do not tell if you are close to some one in higher position person. ( Jangan cakap baik dgn orang tu orang ni kat HQ ) . Keep them guessing if necessary.
  4. Power is useful if people can guess but sometime more useful if they cannot guess.


Double your power.

  1. You could use your staff or your equal partner  to double your power :
  2. Think of them as friends, not just staff, you combine your knowledge and his knowledge and synergize ( win-win ) .
  3. First you maintain your good reputation, then help him to have a good reputation even if not in the same expertise.
  4. These combination can make you and her a good team.


Praise , not Criticise.

  1. Criticise is bad, encouragement is good.
  2. Make staff feel he needs to improve, not to run away.
  3. Staff then will be  interested in continuous improvement curve, and you will get a competent staff.


Do Not abuse your power.

  1. Types of Power can be : Your Expertise/Knowledge/skill, Emotional, Political ( office ) and Circumstantial ( keadaan ).
  2. Example lah : Expertise – your knowledge is an asset to the company because of your skill. Semua tau. But do not use this to threaten the company/boss for personal gain.
  3. Remember…. You maybe almost INDISPENSABLE ( tak boleh diketepikan ) but you are not Irreplaceable ( tak boleh diganti ).


3-R of POWER.

  1. RECOGNISE your staffs and acknowledge that they have a desire to be important- just like you – and that you are in the position to give them that desire.
  2. REMAIN an Enigma, a mystery. If no one knows you have power, they cannot use that power against you.
  3. RESPECT the power you possess and do not abuse it.
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