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Brand Yourself…


  •  What is a Brand ?
    • A mixture of :
      • A Company
      • Product and/or Service
      • Quality
      • Rational Features
      • Emotional Features
      • Brand Positioning
      • Brand Communication
      • Brand Management


  • Why Brand is important ?
    • To differentiate from competitors in terms of companies and product/service. A Brand Strategy is needed.
    • Easier access to market
    • Provide Return of Investment ( ROI ) through Sustained profit.
    • No Product life cycle ( Longevity )


  • Brand Myths :
    • A Brand is a Logo – Logo is just a communication device. A Logo reminds consumers of the company and product/service whether good ( quality product/service ) or bad ( bad product/service ).
    • Brand is Advertising – Advertising and design is just an execution tool of branding. It helps to communicate the brand message to consumers. It is Tactical and not Strategic. Strategy is needed to drive it for success.
    • A Brand is a well-known Name – A well-known for what?. Well-known Names are not necessarily well-known Brand unless that Brand has Values.
    • A Brand is a good quality product/service – Good quality product/service is not enough. Quality used to be a rare feature but now many can have quality program. Excellent service is still an advantage. Emotional Features of the brand relationship is a requirement now on top of quality and excellent service.
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